The Elements


 Element of Fire- Main character to the story.

Fire is an impulsive and a dangerous element, that can smolder and suddenly burst, but fire can also bring courage, compassion and protection. A true definition to the complexity of what Cerridwen is. She can be obstinate and heady and absolutely not subtle. As most believe, fire is seen as the force burning inside us, giving us iron willpower to fight for our goals, empowering us the determination to do it with all of our self, resulting in honor and dignity to do it without backstabbing and cowardice. However Cerridwen tends to overdo it as fire would if not controlled. 

Fire is a force without borders, once released it will go on destroying until there is nothing left to destroy. If you want to use it, you have to keep it contained.” -Vesta

She just thinks about one thing: her mission, no matter what the consequences would be...

She doesn’t know fear or doubt. Nor does she know mercy or shame.”-Amber

But she is angry. She’s angry at the world and the humans she must protect. She’s angry at her herself and she is angry at her existence. The rage and turmoil, may fuel her lethal credibility, but that turmoil is slowly destroying her, as she cuts herself away from the morals of life and her family. (The Elements)Due to the events of her horrific past, she believes her existence is volatile to all, and being close to her family would only bring them more danger. So she comes off cold, emotionless and uncaring towards the rest of the Elements- and the charade goes on for so long, that she forgets how to be nothing else.

However, these attempts to push everyone away have not gone unnoticed to the rest of the Elements. They watch over her, concerned. Kat however is the only one who gets nosy and tries to make Cerridwen open-up. Nola adores her and looks up to her as role model, (also because Cerridwen never teases her about her size) some of them are indifferent to her behavior, such as Lilith and Amber, or even scared of her such as Silver’s case. Kat’s constant interference does to crack Cerridwen’s stone exterior, but only in such of aiding Cerridwen’s socially inept state.

But the God’s of Fate had plans to change that.


Element of Water


Element of Dark


Element of Power


Element of Thunder 


Element of Earth


Element of Light


Element of Wind 

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